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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Here are some screengrabs of my 3d teaser "The Ghosts of Tiverton Place". I worked on this last fall to keep up with my Maya and After Effects skills, and as a creative test. I wanted to make something that created technical problems, but solve them with creative and artistic solutions, rather than throw more technology at it.
The original story itself is narrated by young 12 year old Jonathan Tiverton, who moves with his mother to the gatehouse of Tiverton Mansion, after the death of his soldier father in the Great War. Strange things begin to happen around Jonathan after they arrive. Does it have anything to do with the uncle who invited them to live there? Or is there something much deeper going on?
I'm currently working on more shots for the teaser- to show Jonathan and some of the characters in the movie! Stay tuned...

You can watch "The Ghosts of Tiverton Place"  HERE

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